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Why Us?

Smart Training Center(ST Center) provides high quality courses in the BMS field. Our High-Profile instructors are known international KNX tutors and all the students receive a final valid certification after finishing the course successfuly. We provide KNX, BACnet and security system courses from A-Z and Our English courses generally take place in Dubai, UAE.

Our Services: Consulting

considering that nowadays projects are being conducted in large and very large sizes, they must be equipped with building automation systems. Therefore, employers should be able to select, purchase, install, and commission these systems without errors. In this process, employers are advised to have a professional consultant with a brilliant track record in designing and implementing these systems to accompany them during the project and help them minimize BMS errors. 

Our consultancy services include:

1- Assessing the current situation and drafting or editing control scenarios.

2- Procuring IO or studying and proposing upgrades.

3- Selecting a reference protocol for the project and preparing documentation to explain the reason for its selection.

4- Reviewing contractor proposals and aligning them with project requirements.

5- Conducting multiple technical sessions from 0 to 100 in order to achieve project objectives.

6- Supervising wiring, component installation, panel assembly, and commissioning.

7- Addressing technical issues during the project and reviewing documents to ensure hardware and software licenses are purchased.

8- Addressing employer concerns about the BMS system.

9- Defining system performance after installation and ensuring project navigation.



knx basic course in iran

KNX Basic Course

This Course is focused on fundamentals in KNX Protocol. This course has been officially prepared by the KNX organization, and all topics, discussions, hours, and examination rules are followed according to the requested subjects . The course comprises 30 hours, covering both theoretical lessons and practical exercises. 

30 Hours

hvac course in iran


This course is designed to understand heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, especially HVAC systems inside buildings. In this course, you will learn about the essential elements that need to be considered and controlled for a building in this field. This program has been officially prepared by the KNX organization, and we are required to adhere to all requested topics, subjects, hours, and examination regulations. These 12 hours course include both theoretical lessons and practical exercises. 

12 Hours

knx advance course in iran

KNX Advanced Course

This course is suitable for those who want to learn technical topics in building automation professionally or semi-professionally in a very professional and detailed manner based on the KNX protocol. They can use it in advanced design and programming fields. This course has been officially prepared by the KNX organization, and all topics, discussions, hours, and examination rules are followed according to the requested subjects. This 34-hour course includes theoretical lessons and practical exercises. 

34 Hours

BACnet basic course in iran

BMS- BACnet Basic Course

This course is designed for individuals who want to enter the field of Building Management Systems (BMS) in a technical and professional manner and learn about the automation of engine rooms from the design phase to programming, implementation, and troubleshooting. The focus of the Basic course is on the design phase, while programming and implementation stages are covered in the advanced course. The topic of engine rooms includes equipment such as boilers, pump stations, and air handlers, among others. This course consists of 15 hours of face-to-face training. 

15 Hours

BACnet advance course in iran

BMS- BACnet Advanced Course

The advanced course is suitable for individuals who have successfully completed the Basic BACnet course. Those who have learned design and implementation principles well in the Basic course will learn programming, commissioning, system troubleshooting, and all the requirements of a real project in this course. International courses(such as the BCIA course) require prior participation in this course and includes 21 hours of face-to-face training. 

21 Hours

BACnet professional course in Iran

BMS- BACnet Professioal Course

BCIA courses with international certification from Sontay Academy in the UK are exclusively offered at the ST Center. In 2016, Sontay Academy became an official partner of BCIA and subsequently began offering BC1-6 courses.

BCIA has been offering training courses related to ECA and Siemens for years. These trainings are essential to ensure compliance with industry standards and provide newcomers with the opportunity to learn the skills required for engineering. Individuals who successfully complete BCM01-BCM03 courses will receive a technical certification. Additionally, those who complete BCM04-BCM06 courses will obtain an advanced technical certification.

Depends on the chosen course

CCTV beginner course with mobotix certificate in iran

Security System Course(CCTV)

These courses are based on standard topics specified by Mobotix, Germany. In this course, all fundamental points are covered according to the standard chapters in 6 hours of online and 15 hours of practical training. After the exam, your certificate will be digitally signed by Mobotix and sent to your email.

21 Hours

Our Sevrices: Mentoring

Having a professional and experienced mentor alongside engineers who are newly entering the field of smart automation projects, whether they are designing or implementing, installing, programming, and commissioning them, is essential. To work in the field of automation and carry out projects with minimal errors, experience is necessary in addition to studying, and this experience can be gained through a professional mentor. 

Our mentorship services include:

1- Project analysis: Study of the project, assessment of the current situation, and designing suitable solutions accordingly.

2- Supervision on electrical plans and panels.

3- Monitoring and assistance in programming.

4- Supervision on system optimization.

5- Defect rectification throughout the project and ensuring progress towards project completion.

Our Sevrices: Training Kits

Students who have completed courses offered at the ST Center can purchase our training kit at an exceptional price. Utilizing the real equipment available in the educational kit provides the best practice for further learning and entry into the market and work on real projects. This kit is also suitable for professionals, and its equipment can be used in showrooms as well.

In addition to real equipment, the educational kit from the ST Center includes assembly execution drawings, instructional videos, and manuals.

The contents of the educational kit are used for residential or complete office units for the following purposes:

1- Controlling lighting switches

2- Controlling curtains

3- Controlling fan coils

4- Smart thermostat key

5- Connection to ETS software via computer

6- Connection to mobile and web

7- Scenario execution